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Originally Posted by Randy Dupree View Post
wow,25% more flow?
Maybe i need to change my RPM limit,The PWM will not let it go that high unless called for,right?
25% more flow, ACS has all the data in great detail on their website, it's pretty nice. That's why I ended up getting theirs instead of a Borg or Horton, they just don't have published data. Maybe they are all the same, who knows.

You're incorrect about the PWM though. Consider how a wax valve works - the PWM is exactly the same from the DDEC, it's dumb. The only feedback to the wax valve to control speed is coolant temp. The DDEC is exactly the same. If you crank the max pressure up at motor (trim) then something like 80% duty cycle is what used to be 100%. The DDEC will run the fan at the same speed as before for the same cooling needs. If you've never hit 100% fan duty cycle then cranking up the motor pressure won't get you anything because it will never even try to spin the fan harder. This is why I will have a gauge on the dash that shows cooling fan duty cycle. I'm certain you can get this from the DDEC, too.
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