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My compartment looks very much like Jim's. When we bought the coach, the PO had removed the Gast compressor, so I had to buy one and install it. I found a fitting with a plug in it on the rear panel, near the back of the compartment. That is where the compressor and dryer are supposed to connect. Somewhere downstream there is a check valve. The pressure stays up in the auxiliary tank even though the compressor circuit pressure bleeds.

You need a relay with a 12vdc coil to switch the 110vac to the pump. It goes in a box on the back wall. You also need a pressure switch which has set points to turn the compressor on and to turn it off at given pressures.

The problem finding the 12vdc wire from the dash was that it was green, so I assumed it was a ground wire until I finally figured it out.

The air chuck on the aft wall is where you plug in the air hose reel or loose hose.

I don't need another compressor since the toilet is electric. However, the Gast compressor will not air up the tires, so I have it set for 60 psi on and 80 psi off. I only use it for the dump valves and to get a head start on air bags before leaving a campsite. If I need air for tires, the engine compressor works, but with difficulty for the front tires. You have to wait until the air dryer pops off.
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