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As you found in another thread, my '95 WBDA Series-60 powered Wanderlodge used 40 quarts (10 gallons) with an oil and filter change. I did an oil change every 10,000 miles or annually (mostly annually) during the nearly 4 years I owned the coach. That was 5 oil changes, as I did one immediately after buying the coach ... and I'd done a full service (to catch any selling-point issues) just before selling the coach. As it happened, these services were done by several different vendors -- but they all invoiced me for 40 quarts.

That said ... Wanderlodges were not mass produced. All the coaches may have features or custom items that no other WL has. It may be that (for some reason) you have a different oil pan -- it's even possible that the oil pan was somehow damaged and was replaced after-the-fact. (So the build record might suggest a 40 qt capacity, but a new pan may have reduced it.)

Hopefully, the engine was fully drained of oil before it was refilled. This is tough to know, for sure, as the oil turns black very quickly after a change, due to the nature of diesel engines.

Other than a difference in the oil pan or a failure to fully drain the engine, I can't think of any other reason that the oil capacity might be less that other Series-60 engines used by Wanderlodge.

Of course installation of a "wrong" dip stick may lead to a low fill point. Perhaps you can post the dimensions of your dip stick ... and how far from the end the full mark appears.

I note that the distance from full to low on my dip stick was approximately one gallon (not quart). So a mark that was too far down ... or using the wrong mark on the dip stick could have a difference of a gallon or two in the refill. (I also note that my coach would "eat" the first couple of quarts very quickly ... then would run very happily with the dip stick reading about 1/2 way between the full and low marks -- hardly using any more oil after the first couple of quarts.)

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