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Default First Trip

The toaster doesn’t work! I was so tickled with the toaster, and now that I have a chance to use it, it doesn’t work.

Actually, it may work, but I can’t tell. That is because this campsite doesn’t have 50 amp power, only 30, and the 20 amp outlet has one of those ground fault things on it and that pops when I even get close to it with a power cable from my Wanderlodge. So I’m powering the circuit with the battery charger, the refrigerator and one air conditioner, No Toaster.

This is our first trip in our new to us Bluebird, a 1983 FC. It is in really good shape, considering it is 26 years old. I brought it to a local mechanic back home, and he was very impressed with the condition it is in. Said someone took really good care of it.

This summer I’ve had it parked at the campground where Lucie, my partner, and I have a trailer with a sun room. It has been my hobby, giving me something to do in the evenings after work. I’ve discovered a lot about it, fixed a few lights, done a lot of maintenance, broken a few things and then fixed them (don’t ask). But we both work most of the summer, so it hasn’t gone anywhere, and we haven’t stayed in it, until now. Now we’re on our 2 week vacation.

We left Vermont yesterday, after taking a day and a half to recover from the work week and pack up everything that we needed. An empty RV is a challenge. It has show me that Lucie and I are going to be all right, as we got through deciding what was necessary and what we could leave home. I’ve been saying that this is our retirement home, sometime we will be full timing. One thing I’m really happy about is the amount of storage it has. We have packed everything and there are still empty overhead compartments, drawers and basement compartments.

We drove south and east, our destination Portland Maine, our first night goal a Walmart Superstore to finish the provisioning. As dusk was approaching we stopped in Epping NH at a Walmart, which wisely allowed overnight RV parking. We filled a shopping cart last night with kitchen supplies, towels, an inverter and many little odds and ends. Then this morning we filled another with groceries and more of the day to day necessities for our new home.

As we left the Walmart I stopped at a gas station to top up the 260 gallon fuel tank, that had mysteriously dropped ¼ tank while sitting for two months. The mechanic I brought it to back home had mentioned tightening up a connection and stopping a fuel leak… Our mileage was UNDER 2 MPG. On the trip up to Vermont when we originally purchased it it go 8.5. I’m glad the leak is fixed! Now that it is filled we can gauge what it is getting again.

Now we’re parked in a rustic campground, Recompense in Freeport, on Casco Bay, north of Portland Maine. Getting it in here was very interesting, narrow roads with many turns and lots of mud and rain soaked roadbeds. The rear wheels have sunk into the gravel of the campsite about 3 inches, and I nearly got it stuck trying to back it in here. I realize a lot of that has to do with my inexperience with driving it, but this thing is HEAVY.

A few questions for the more experienced members who may be reading this.

Where do you put the trash cans? Specifically for the kitchen and the bathroom?

When you take the cover off the burners, where do you put that while you are cooking?

How long can you go on battery power?

Does it matter if you keep the throttle peddle to the floor when the Max Fuel
Flow light comes on?

How do you fix the little springs that keep the latches for the overhead compartments closed?

We’ve paid for a week here, relaxing on the ocean. I’ll write more as this first trip progresses.

Craig Lyndes
’83 FC 35’
Colchester VT
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