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Default Transmission Won't go into Gear

Always something else with these machines.

We changed campsites today (same campground) and as I was backing into the new one I punched R and it wouldn't go into gear The left hand light said R but the right hand light on the Alison computer stayed at N. I heard a ringing sound and punched N and both went to N. I tried D and got the 6 on the left hand light but the right hand light still was at N.

I turned the engine off and then back on and it went into D OK (6-1) so I pulled up to get a better shot at where I wanted to be (and eventually out of the road) but when I tried R again, same problem, R-N on the Allison computer instead of R-R. I turned off the engine for 5 minutes or so and when I turned it back on everything seems to be working OK now. I have not checked the codes at this point (as I recall you hold the mode button down until codes start appearing). I will do that tomorrow morning and call someone to see what I need to do but thought I'd run the problem by you experts for ideas.

The Allison computer was replaced about 4 years ago to the tune of about $4000 so I hope it's not that again.
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