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Don't know if they are bad but there were recalls on the front disc brakes malfunctioning, Hurricane heater malfunctioning, Arvin Meritor front suspension problems and brake hoses and fitting problems. And the price of used M380s were way down on the ones that I looked at.

I stopped at the birds nest in march this year to check one out for a fellow I met in Florida over the winter. It was in the shop from I believe Bleakley for delaminated sides and other exterior damage and some other interior problems. Dont remember the exact price for it but it was cheap and it made me suspicious.

The bottom line Randy is that I am not that impressed by the last coaches that BB built before they sold out to CCW. The wiring and electronics were complex and the build quality in my opinion just was not there. No question that the M450 is a beautiful coach and as Ross says its a beautiful coach to drive. Time will tell just how good the coaches are I guess.
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