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Default External TV tuner and converting the TVs

As we M380 owners know, BB elected to save money and install a TV monitor in the front instead of a TV; the tuner for same is the VCR tuner. My VCR finally had an electronic melt down and I would like to get an external TV tuner in the interim while I consider how to replace the existing monitor with a TV. The tuner of course is only when I use park cable. Question 1: have any of you done this and if so, what, where and how? Question 2: Have any of you replaced the front monintor with a TV and if so what did you get? Did you have to moidify the cabinet space? How did you mount the TV? Question 3: The picture on the rear TV is often snowy which if I understand it correctly means that the signal is weak or a connector is not good. It use to only be snowy on park cable and fine on Sat. TV., but now it is snowy on both. My guess is it is the connector in the front - leading to the back - how can I identify which of the coax cables connects to the rear tv? I just bought a flat screen to replace the CRT tv in the bedroom, but have yet to install it, but when I connected it without installing it, the new flat screen also was snowy which leads me to believe there is a bad connection somewhere.

Thanks for your help as usual.
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