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Thanks always this information is helpful. Jaime I will see if I can find a toner. I would be surprised if BB used push on fasteners -I'm not doubting you - only it seems rediculous given the movement of a Coach. Doc and Linda, I did the same as you with the rear tv only I haven't put the door with tv onto the cabinet yet; will do so when I get home from this 30 day trip. Doc pictures would be appreciated although I think I can figure it out. Are you still using the same "A/B" switch that came with the Coach? I'm thinking of replacing all the splitters and that A/B switch when I go through everything in that cabinet. Let me know if you are planning on being near Malibu - I always enjoy meeting BBers especially from this Forum. I enjoyed meeting The Flagman a few years ago and provided him with an overnight dry camp at my friend Dick Clark's estate - yes that Dick Clark! I loved seeing his Coach too - I fell in love with BBs of that vintage.
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