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Originally Posted by Lee Davis View Post
I haven't seen any brand of new MH's (I'm sure including BBs as well, although I have never owned a new one) that didn't have a multitude of problems. I think its a given that MH manufacturers (probably BB included) have always used their customers as the quality control department. The difference it that the repairs are covered on the new ones under warranty so people don't mind as much. (If they are still in business), If they have never had a new one they still get irritated about the problems. if they've had new ones before, they should have known.

I couldn't afford a new one but figured the price of a "previously owned one" was so much lower (like anything that depreciates a lot) that I could afford to do any needed repairs I found that I couldn't do myself. And that's pretty much the way it's worked out. I have had a couple of doozy's but still feel I have done OK.

I too bought my Bluebird (I know, I know, BMC ) for strength and safety. Still happy with it and it will probably end up being the first and last I ever own unless I hit the Lottery. (Although Jacque says that won't happen unless I eventually break down and buy a ticket).
As mechanical devices they are all going to break sometime.....the only time our 93 left us set was when I failed to properly take care of maintenance such as replacing the Racor before it clogged or the time I parked on an incline at the Kansas City Cabelas with a low fuel level Our current coach had an idler pulley for the radiator fan drive freeze up just South of Monteagle last December on our way to Florida. Sooooo there we sat beside interstate 24 for 6 hours until Prevost Nashville provided us with the correct part which was then a 5 minute fix. All of the breakdown experiences are good for us as they help us learn but they also become part of our family lore Like the time we were coming around the belt line in Madison Wisconsin in an old 79 class C, driving rain, noticed the drivers side wiper was acting funny, rolled down the window and was able to grab the wiper arm as it came flying by. The kids all remember with affection the time our 1984 class A sob "literally!" vapor locked on top of the continental divide West of Denver and we spent an hour playing in a mountain stream there beside the interstate while listening to the occasional irate bicyclist cuss us for parking on the bike path as they whizzed by. Or the time in our 1990 under powered class A Overland after crawling our way up Route 50 in southern Colorado we came to the top of Monarch Pass and I let off the pedal in preparation for descending the other side, noticed we weren't slowing down, had no choice but to slam on the brakes and turn the key off on a hot engine. After investigating I found the throttle cable had melted due to the elevated temperatures in the engine compartment from 10 miles of our 30 mph climb to the top of the world leaving the throttle stuck at wide open! Oh well such is life and I wouldn't trade it for anything!
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