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I show these:

CODE 12 Low Oil Level

CODE 13 Low Battery Voltage

CODE 14 Forward Pressure Switch Inoperative

CODE 15 Reverse Pressure Switch Inoperative

CODE 21 Throttle Sensor Inoperative

CODE 22 Speed Sensor Inoperative

CODE 23 Shift Selector

CODE 24 Oil Temperature (High Limit Exceeded)

CODE 32 Transmission Direction Signal

CODE 33 Oil Temperature Sensor Inoperative

CODE 34 Prom Check

CODES 41 Through 45 And 51 Through 53:
Solenoids J F D C B A G E Or H Inoperative

CODE 46 Solenoid A Inoperative

CODE 54 A B C D F And J Solenoid Off Test

CODE 69 Electronic Control Unit (ECU) Failure
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