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Mine did something similar yesterday. I went too get fuel and after fueling started the engine and the thing would not shift from neutral to any gear. Idle RPM's were 700, normal. Everything else appeared normal while the coach was rinning. I shut the coach off and let it sit while pondering what to do without schematics for an HT-755 Allison 5 speed. i turned the key to run and watched the key pad go through the do not shift sequence which is normal and let the buzzers dye down. Turned the key and started the coach, placed the tranny in D and all was well. I shifted it numerous times in the mountains with the retarder on after that and no problems.
I am confident I failed to let the transmission go through its start check sequence the first time and that may have caused the issue. At least a couple of folks who know a lot more than I conclude that could happen. My tranny code light had been unplugged long before I ever purchased the coach.
I would like to see if I can force this event to happen the next time I move the bus but I would rather do that in the driveway at home just in case. I checked the ground last year when I checked the battery and engine ground straps.
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