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I purchased my coach from Mr. Oliver's (Paul Davis, owner)
Located in Princeton Texas, on the northeast outskirts of the Dallas-Ft. Worth area.

When I purchased my coach, I had the opportunity to exchange several emails with the previous owner -- and after purchase, the P.O. graciously sent me the receipts and records he had kept on the coach.

Mr. Davis specializes mostly in high-end used RVs, with a selection of Prevost, Country Coach, and Wanderlodge RVs. He also has a few cheaper coaches listed these days (a reflection of the market).

I'd rate his knowledge of Wanderlodges as "good" (but not perfect). His explanation of the various systems when I arrived to pick up my coach was mostly on point (but he was mistaken on a couple of minor systems) and I was treated with great curtesy that went above and beyond expectations on the assistance he provided. My maiden trip was 2,000+ miles to drive the coach home on my maiden trip. (With a stop to visit in-laws in Denver, my route was not the shortest possible to get home to the SF Bay Area.)

At my request, the Coach was fully serviced and given a safety inspection before departure. I had requested that the radiator be inspected and steam cleaned "if necessary" (at my expense). The only failure was that the inspection of the radiator did not find the clogging that resulted in my replacing the radiator core after arriving home. (But, I could see how it was overlooked, as the clogging was invisible until it was out of the coach.)

I was well satisfied with the experience.

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