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Originally Posted by mpierce View Post
I too, wonder about the watts produced. For you Gurus out there.

If I get a 400 watt, 24 volt panel, and use the required MPPT controller to drop voltage to 12 volts, do I still get 400 watts at 12v, or is it 200, or 800?

IF.. IF you use a quality MPPT controller you will maintain your watts. The MPPT controllers are basically dc-dc converters with very low power loss.

In my previous post you can see I'm expecting 63.5a @ 14.4v from my 900 watt panels. These panels provide about 8.5a at 35v on the input. So as you see my wattage doesn't really change. That's the beauty of the MPPT controllers. I would suggest Midnight Solar or Bluesky MPPT controllers though. These are tried and known for their quality and performance. Only the Midnight controller (Classic 150) would handle the power & voltages I wanted to run.
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