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Default 2006 LXi 450 at Lazydays

Geezz, what a surprise!! Was my usual Weekend funtime-- Just got back from looking around Lazydays and dinner at the Cracker Barrel!!

Walking along the hundreds of used SOB's I see a huge, beastly machine in a sea of delaminating fiberglass and foggy windows-- A Wanderlodge!!!

Finally, what Ive waited for! This is a first for me! (besides the Tampa show Bluebird) Ive only been in 80's BB's- this was a treat!

The genset was just purring along, no one insight (??!!) I opened the door, and said " hello? " again, no one. The A/C's were off. Dark inside. I found the DC master switch (surprised not to find it under the dash!) some lights came on, So in I go! So in I go. Time to play!

Well, as usual in a BB, beautiful, and lots of toys and switches. Obviously, quite a bit different from my ole' 81 FC I was used to! Actually, knowing some of the BB logic, seemed to make my way around this fine machine pretty well!

I did manage to turn off the geni (??) knowing this would be someones baby one day- who wants unnecessary hours on their generator!!??

Now I see why the gen was left running. I went to the power bay, and found the 50A power cord. Well, only about 8 feet was sticking out of the wall, I push the power cord 'out' switch, and I can hear the cord all tangled up- binding the motor behind the wall. Way too short to reach the 50A pole behind the coach. What a shame.

Even though all the new 'glam and glitz' of this fabulous 06 'I still like the older BB's.. They are distinctively Blue Bird! My friend with me said "you know, it looks quite the same in here as the others we've looked at today"- which is true in most ways, I guess its just modern. However to a novice this is true, but I know the differences. Leather is leather. Carpet is Carpet, lights... ect

Still its whats under the skin that matters. For instance- in the power bay outside, comparing the bay of an SOB (Monaco,Fleetweed,Beaver,ect) Usually you will find wood- molded plastic, maybe thin painted steel-- well, I proudly will say on the BB I found molded fiberglass with a Stainless Steel all around! Nice...

It was sad to see her sitting out there alone, but I'm sure she will be making her nest in the new owners yard real soon!
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