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Originally Posted by rshrimp View Post
How big are the panels?
What is the voltage output of the panels and do you run them parallel or in series?

NOTE: ALL my system designs are in series, these are high voltage MPPT systems.

All these systems are based around a Canadian Solar CS6K-280M 280 watt panel;

1) He always has them in stock
2) They are mono-crystalline so very efficient (17.11%)
3) Are rated up to 5400 pa snow & 2400 pa wind
4) 25 yr linear output warranty, 10 yr materials & workmanship
5) Largest of the 60 cell panels
6) Dimensions - 65"L x 39.1"W x 1.57"D (weighs 40.1 lbs)
7) Specs - Vmp=31.5v, Imp=8.89a
8) Outstanding low irradiance performance (96.5%)
9) By using these as a standard we can build on them from 280w all the way to 1120 watts with the same controller and wiring

So basically it's just a good all round bang-4-buck design that is flexible enough to save you money if/when you want to expand.
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