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For those who might be interested, this thread (Much early discussion if lithium batteries, but solar details start around post #33) has details about the 1,425 watt house panel array I installed last year. Unfortunately, recent WOG server problem has deleted the many pictures I included to illustrate my project . Hopefully, that will be remedied soon. I paid about .62 cents per watt for my black 60 cell Suniva 285 mono panels shipped from Miami for around $200/pallet (one or six on pallet). just offered me a 280 watt Suniva panel in Phoenix for the same price (no tax and no shipping if you pick it up in Phoenix) . Talk with Shelly in their Miami phone call center because I had trouble getting the Phoenix office to respond. Because I knew what I wanted, how to set it all up and was doing my own install - I was totally comfortable acquiring my panels via mail order. That said, if you are looking for a "kit", Putz's guy at Solar Penny in Mesa AZ might be the way to go.
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