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Default Any winter tips for full time

Wanderlodge Coaches are fairly insulated but precautions must be taken.

1. Old fashioned incandescent light bulbs can be found with a little little effort. I find them fairly frequently usually in small rural towns at ACE hardware or little "mom and pop" hardware stores and sometimes rural co-ops. I have collected a supply by looking in the summertime. The reason these stores keep them is because lot of rural folk put them in their well houses in the winter.

2. I use no more than 40-50 amps in my water pump compartment and wash/utility compartment. Anything larger than 40-50 amps get too hot and could present a fire issue. If you have trouble finding the lamp style bulbs, 40-50 amp decorative incandescent bulbs with a conventional base will work fine. The new "green" bulbs are worthless. Do not use the small heat/flood lamp bulbs - they are a fire hazard if used to provide small place heat .

3. I think you have an electric engine pre-heat turn it on, it will generate some freeze prevention.

3. You have already done it, but keep your water tank full. A full tank is less likely to freeze.

4. Small 15 amp rotating "milking heaters" are commonly available at co-ops Ace Hardware, Tractor Supply and similar stores, likewise. Caution, clear some of your "stuff" out of the front bay no more than 3 feet away from the heater. Put the heater in the center of the the front bay and plug it into a quality surge protector. One on you dash will prove good heat but make sure it is secure and not close to flammable items.

5. If your toe heaters are not working get them replaced, but check and make sure your working heater is not on the recall list. They were recalled several years ago for fire hazard issues. The good ones are available on line by ACE Hardware. at about 120 bucks apiece. Remove them annually and clean away the lint and dust bunnies.

6 If your water heater is under the bed keep it turned on. Amazing amount of good freeze preventing heat.

7. place a towel or two on the bottom step of your entrance keep the foot slide closed and likewise cover it and the cracks with a thick beach towel.

8. I would question the wisdom of putting salt in your waste water and gray water tanks.

9. If you have OEM heater tape under your water tank get it removed ASAP unless you want to have your coach catch on fire.

10. Certainly disconnect from park water and use your pumps.
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