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I am the M380 owner who added an analog oil pressure gauge in the engine compartment because I didn't trust the digital data and the dash gauge. The dash oil pressure gauge always dropped to a very low value when idling.
A couple of years ago, when the engine was at normal operating temperatures and I had to stop at a traffic light, the pressure would drop to zero and the warning buzzer would come on. A slight nudge of the accelerator increasing the RPM to +/- 800 would shut down the alarm.

I made a special fitting for the oil pressure switch that allowed me to add a port for a real pressure gauge. It told me that I had about 25 psi pressure when idling a warm engine while at the same time the warning buzzer was sounding. The fitting drawing and other info is attached.

Not long after after adding the pressure gauge, I replaced the engine batteries and the warning buzzer stopped buzzing even though the dash gauge showed zero oil pressure. I now suspect that low voltage and/or an imperfect battery cable connection could be at the root of this problem.
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