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Originally Posted by Ldr View Post
I followed each connection, but I haven't removed and cleaned. I guess that would be my next step, although if it was a connection, it seems like it should happen following a large bump or movement of the wires. It will happen out of the blue on smooth pavement, and just as randomly start working again.
Yea, loose connection is usually sensitive to vibration. Intermittent's are always difficult. I once had a wire that ran under the intake manifold on a 3208. It would short unpredictably to the block (and not that often) tripping a auto-reset breaker that also dropped a relay and everything went dead, engine, head lights, and then buzzers and red lights would light up (real fun at night). By the time I got off the road, it was working fine.
Maybe you will find something while investigating the connections, maybe not. But as you already know, you just have to keep looking and verifying till you find it.
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