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Originally Posted by 1984Lodge View Post
I was going to do some readings with a anemometer with my buddies stock metal fan and compare to the new plastic fan I put in. Not exactly scientific, but at least will tell me whether the plastic fan is pulling any more air. I would make sure its the same RPMs and the fan is locked on. Check the air movement from the outside of the radiator at several locations.
It would be very interesting! It's hard to compare to ACS, but they tell you exactly what they did on their testing, so I think we could learn from it.

Originally Posted by 1984Lodge View Post
We are taking applications for the south... you are getting there with the grits and cheerwine, if you want to be a Florida cracker you have to have fried mullet and grits...
We just did get a cold front here and I had to put on a jacket this morning because it was in the 50's....
Yeah I don't know about FL, seems tooooooo far south!
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