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Dennis, there are three height control valves and I believe there are two dump valves, but I’m not sure as there is no air system diagram included in the blue box.

There are two height control valves in the rear of coach above rear axle area. These valves control the rear height as well as the side to side leveling of the coach.

There is a single height control valve for the front and it is located near front axle, left side. This valve is used to set the front ride height.

The M380 should ride at 48” measured at each wheel from ground to skirt hinge.

There is a dump valve above front axle, center of coach. I believe there is another above rear axle, center of coach. WARNING…This is not an area you want to be without proper heavy duty jacks supporting the coach; or the use of a pit.

The air leak you describe sounds like a fairly large leak. I’m surprised you can not hear it when walking around the coach with engine running.
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