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Originally Posted by Dennis View Post
Thank you guys, your help is very much appreciated.

Robert: I actually got the right and left air pressure gauges both up to 100 psi while driving on the highway, but they drop when at idle. The Coach actually did rise up as well, but dropped down rapidly at engine idle. It does hold some air pressure just at or below/above where the warning light/buzzer low air pressure comes on/off.

Dennis, I was reading your post again…the air gauges you refer to are for the air brakes, front and rear. An air leak in your suspension system should not drain air from the air brake system as safety systems are built in to prevent that from happening. I’m not sure where the leak would be that would allow both tanks (front & rear) to drain down at idle like you describe but that is a major leak and I don’t think I would drive the coach in that condition.
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