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Default Why I bought my bus.

I had never considered an RV, but then again I'd never seen a Bluebird.

I generally buy durable things I like, and I keep them for a long time. I rarely buy new, I'm happy to let other people pay a premium for the new car smell.

This bus to me feels even more solid than being inside of any house built in the last 50 years, and is comfortable and attractive. I feel like it makes me look better standing near it.

I'm proud to own it, and look forward to doing lots of cool things, and my goal is that it'll be in better shape when I'm done using it than it is in today.

This bus both solves a problem for me (consulting away from home) and opens up the possibility of travelling all over the country and beyond in comfort and style.

I am in love, and couldn't be happier. I know this is a little mean, but I am glad that these busses are such a well kept secret. It's baffling and incredible that these busses are going so cheaply when people are paying hundreds of thousands of dollars for something I wouldn't take for free. Seriously.
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