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Originally Posted by jking99 View Post
While attempting to test my Coolant, at the Radiator overflow tank I found a green (of course) foamy sludge. I have been planning to install the Coolant filter Modification and hope that this will clear this up. I am not sure of the validity of my test strip results. After reading the thread about this modification, I see that there was question about which filter to use? I plan to use one or two regular filters to clean my system and then install an SCA filter. Needs Release type?
Jim, Here is a writeup I did back in time.

Coolant Filter Installation -1987 PT38 – 8V92
Contributed by Curt Sprenger August 27.2008

Coolant Filter Base – WIX 24019

Filters – 1st filter NAPA 4074 (WIX 24074). In a year, and each year, change filter to WIX 24071.

Parts – All Brass, all 3/8” - 4 street elbows, 1 close nipple, 1 1-1/2” nipple, 2 NIBCO T585 ball valves. Cost $68.79. Plus two threaded/barbed straight hose connections that I had on hand. You might find the part for less. I shop at a plumbing store that carries more parts than anyone in our area. They are not the least expensive but time is worth something.

Hose – measure generously – I used just under 6’ - get good ½” push-on or equivalent. Cost $10.00.
Hose Clamps – 4 each.

Bolts/Nuts – to mount the filter base.

Instructions -

1 I removed the Either Injector system and installed the coolant filter base in the same location. Or
pick a different location.

2 Loosely attach all the plumbing to the filter base, see picture, and the spin on the filter (not tight), to
get an accurate mounting position that works. Keep the coolant hose clearance/routing in mind.

3 Drill new mounting holes if needed. Check other side of plate before drilling as Hoses, etc.
might be in the drilling path.

4 Install filter base.

5 Install the brass parts. See photos. Use thread sealant. Shorten the ball valve handles as

6 Tighten the filter per instructions.

7 Remove the old hose at the Expansion Tank, save the coolant. Plug the hose for now.

8 Connect new hose from the expansion tank to the filter base center (Outlet).

9 Connect new hose to the filter base outer connection (inlet). To get the length of hose needed,
consider where the hose will be zip tied, run the hose to the thermostat housing street elbow,
and cut to length.

10 With a knife, slit the old hose at the street elbow on top of the thermostat housing. Quickly
remove that hose and slid on the new hose. A terry towel on top of the thermostat housing will catch the small amount of coolant loss.

11 Use zip-ties to secure the hose.

12 Add coolant to the overflow tank or reuse the saved coolant.
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