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Originally Posted by warbucks13477 View Post
Klee I did not realize there are 2 threads on the crash and I just made a post on the other one. I apologize and did not realize you were parked with the park brake on. The answer to the problem has already been given it was the park brakes that did not hold. Am not sure whether the 95 BMC had manual or automatic slack adjusters but in any case you need to check each of them occasionally to make sure they are still working and adjusted correctly. Doesnt matter what the pressure is to the park brakes if they are not adjusted correctly they will not hold. Had it happen to me. Found mine were not working correctly on a trip and pulled into a truck repair facility on a major HW in the south and asked them to adjust the slackd adjiusters. Took a your fellow about 1/2 hour and as I pulled away I stopped to test them. STILL BAD! Went back and the your fellow had gone on a over he road truck call. The supervisor went down in the pit to check them and came back up shaking his head. The young fellow had not even touched them. Supervisor called him up on the mobil phone and told him to come back in he was fired. Supervisor told me his liability would have increased if I had an accident and really hurt someone.
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