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Originally Posted by DHHarris View Post
Only wrong in the UK, which technically is no longer part of Europe!!!
The UK is still very much part of Europe, just not the EU. Not all countries in continental Europe are in the EU, but are still part of Europe. And technically the Republic of Ireland is not in the UK but is part of the EU and they have right hand drive cars (driving on the left side of the road) so you could be in an EU country and driving on the left.

But to the OP's point, I would think if you only drove on the motorways you would be OK. They do have semi trucks there (LGVs) There are some very narrow streets once you get into towns and villages and you might have an issue there. I would thoroughly investigate licensing, insurance and driving permits before planning such a trip.

Two issues I might consider. One, Diesel fuel (well, any fuel really) is very expensive there (currently $5.50 gallon on average) so your fuel cost will be rather high. Second the electric is all 230 V at 50 cycles. There are converters to deal with that, but you would need to have that sorted before you go.

However, if you decide against shipping the Wanderlodge, you could always find something like this:

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