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Default new owner of the wanderlodge factory

The new owner of the wanderlodge factory is Karl Moburg (sp?)
hes a young guy,less than 50 i would guess.

He was at the auction and he bought things he needs to get the plant going again.
Big tools,machines etc.
He didnt buy any parts or anything related to any bus thats ever been built at the plant.

He has a soft spot in his heart for wanderlodge owners,he plans on getting the Birds nest cleaned up and back in shape for us, wanderlodge owners everywhere to use and enjoy.
There will be something required from us,the owners of wanderlodges.
I don't think there will be a nightly charge,it will be another form of payment,we may be asked to contract a lawn service,or something like that to keep it looking good.
This is still being sorted out.

Karl also has given us a few gifts to give out at the rallys,we will not tell you at this time what we are giving out,but we will talk about this and pass the items out at the RATS.

Karl and company will be building busses at the factory,a different style from what has been built here in the past,tour busses at first,then who knows?
This bus hes going to build has had all of the design work done,and busses have already been built (i don't know where,or by whom)so,what he needs is to get the factory cleaned up,and get his lines organized and get to work building busses.

Good luck to you Karl!

Hes also going to do wanderlodge service...
email me at only.

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