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Question Maintenance Classes/Video's/Pictures

Just being around a little while, but reading the postings everyday, it seems like we have a lot of new younger members as well as folks (like me) that this is their first BB. There seems to be a rather steep learning curve and a lot of things have to be learned rather quickly in order to get a maintenance schedule started.
My idea is to maybe have seminars at the different rally's to show basic maintenance as well as suggestions on modifications to the buses. While still pictures are great (and appreciate all the work that has gone into the reference section), has anybody thought about..perhaps..making recordings of the various maintenance areas and, either posting them online (youtube) or making them available to members???? Nothing fancy but just things like changing the different filters, bearing/brake maintenance, water tank conditioning, etc, etc.
Just a thought. The "older" and much wiser members are getting up there in age and don't want to lose this institutional knowledge to become lost. We intend to keep these birds up and running into the 22nd Century...
Give me your I barking up the wrong tree or is this an idea that we might think about exploring.
Sorry for being so long winded.
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