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Default Road Trip Tips for Travel With the Dog

Packing up the dog for the trip to Grandma's? Here are some ideas for stress-free travel with your pet from 4everPets(R), makers of natural nutrition products for dogs and cats.

Crate expectations: Whether traveling by air or car, a familiar crate will relax your dog. Never put a leash in the crate, as your pet could get tangled in it.

Hello gorgeous: Brushing your dog and clipping its nails before you leave will make traveling more comfortable.

Make a list: Bring water, your dog's favorite food, bedding, toy and dishes, pet first-aid kit and old sheets to cover car seats and furniture.

Check it twice: Identify your dog with a current tag or microchip. Carry current health and rabies certificates and a recent photo.

Stair hazard: Did you know that a dog's claws and fur can get caught in escalators? Pick up or crate your dog, or take the elevator.

No tranquilizers: The ASPCA advises not to use sedatives, because they interfere with balance and can hamper breathing. Instead, use Missing You to relax your dog without dizziness or drowsiness.

Chow time: Traveling by car? Feed a light meal three or four hours before you leave. Never feed a dog in a moving car. Dogs should fly on an empty stomach.

Open wide: Do a health check every day you're away from home, says the American Veterinary Medical Association. Look for runny nose and eyes, scratching or biting, lumps, limping or loss of appetite. Check any concerns with a local veterinarian.

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