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Originally Posted by iamflagman View Post

That is an excellent idea and we already have a place for those threads and posts in this sub-forum, so if anybody has any suggestions of previous posts or threads please post the url link to them here and I'll copy or move them over, I can't do it with the just the subject title, please help me do some of the leg work. Wanderlodge Owners Group > Mechanic's Corner > !!!ALERT!!! MUST DO MECHANICAL ITEMS FOR YOUR 'BIRD!! > Maintenance Classes/Video's/Pictures

Dennie, as far as your being long had better take yourself out of first gear if you think that was long winded, we have some members here that would just be starting to get warmed up with that many words, sort of like comparing your CAT 3208 powered 'Bird to a Wide Body powered with an S60 climbing up a mountain grade

Whatever became of this? Has anyone started making informational videos? I watch many informative videos on Youtube and would love to see a series on Wanderlodge operations.
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