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What is the point in torturing the adults in the bus? The kids are very happy for literally hours watching videos and playing multiplayer games, and I put lots of miles on. When we get there the electronics get put away and we are a camping family. Don't forget the kids are on holiday as well. You can tell them they should enjoy looking at the scenery but a 10 year old just plain will not be interested. I would say again though that we have lots of other diversions in the bus as well such as card games lego and crafts. But when they tire of those the electronics are an excellent time waster. If you can keep your kids happy and peaceful without electronics then power to you, but I am OK with them.

Also don't forget that if you the man are driving the bus, then it is your wife doing all she can to keep the kids occupied, not you. And she won't have any time to look out the window. At least mine doesn't.
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