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Smile Ceramic tile

We pulled all the ceramic tile in the kitchen and bathroom. I used an air chisel to get tiles up. If the tile was down properly in came out in about 20 pieces. In the bathroom there had been a major water leak and the tiles popped right off, but the thin-set was totally covered with black mold. The tiles are not the problem its the thin-set that is super hard to get off. After watching several YouTube videos I used a diamond cup wheel on a grinder. I was wearing a mask and safety glasses. It took about six hours to do the kitchen and bathroom. Slow and tedious work and dusty as ****. I'm now down to the bare plywood. I will clean everything with Moldex to kill any mold spores left. Then cover it with Mold killing primer and finally lay a new sub-floor using 1/8" hardboard. Its water/moisture resistant and will take the pressure glue I will be using for the Industrial carpet squares we are laying.
Conclusion: IF you're handy its hard work but totally doable. I sure wouldn't want to have to pay someone to to do it. If the tile is good (no mold) I would have probably put the sub-floor right on top of it and put a new 38" sub-floor where the carpet was to bring it up to the same height as the tile.
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