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One thing to keep in mind Paul is your power source.
I’m no electrical genius and this little glitch just threw me for a while.

Make sure that the electrical receptacle you plan to plug the Samsung into is powered from the inverter. Mine wasn’t and I couldn’t figure it out for a while. Finally moved the wires in the circuit breaker panel over to the “inverter side” and all is good now.

We like the extra storage capacity and other advantages of the Samsung.

Be sure to charge the batteries late in the evening and it should run all night on the batteries. Also, if you have the capability, program your charge controller to turn off the batteries/inverter before the batteries run down too far. I think I have mine programmed for 11 volts (IIRC). This will turn off the inverter sometimes in the early morning but will prevent the complete depletion of battery voltage and subsequent damage to batteries.

When you install your new Magnum setup, I’m sure you will have this capability. Not sure about the system you have now

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