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Originally Posted by hifreqdude View Post
Today I installed a max air vent to replace the original Lum-a-Dome vent.
Man, I cannot believe how cheaply new things are made. The old vent was a tank, which I think I will use in one of my trailers.
Followup on the Mach 8 AC units: wired up the other two this week so all three blow pretty nice, but I do believe they are much louder than the original units, primarily because of the poor and cheaply designed air output plenums. Again, the older ones were simply made better with some thought to air flow, not the bottom dollar.

The reviews I've read about the Coleman A/C's say they are LOUD. Looks like you agree. You're right, quality is hard to come by and it isn't cheap in the short run. Quality is probably the reason for most of us having Bluebirds in the first place.

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