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Originally Posted by ironmike View Post
It's too bad that there is not a manual backup valve in-line that could be used in case the Sporlan valve does not work.
I just went through this with my M380 and created a manual backup alternative. First, this only really works if you can readily reach the access port near the top of your water tank (which I can with my 380). I bought 30' of clear vinyl tubing and connected one end to the outlet port of the 380's water filter and pushed the other end into the access port of the tank (after cleaning the end of the tubing with a Clorox wipe). Connected the "garden" hose to the water inlet and filled the tank through the filter and vinyl tube. Oh, and make sure you have two people or some other way of holding the vinyl tube in the tank -- don't ask me how I know this!!

Ultimately, I fixed the wiring to the Sprolan so water fill works as it's supposed to. I still carry the vinyl tube and adapters just in case . Another 380 owner permanently replaced the Sporlan with a ball valve and just manually opens that valve when he need to fill the water tank. Up to you ...

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