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Originally Posted by Butch Charpentier View Post
I got tired of the air valves and scraped them... I honestly don't know what Blue Bird was thinking when they did all this air operated stuff...
When tracking down air leaks have thought this many times. There are too many places for air to leak and BB never learned! They used both in some places - electric power powers the rear slide and air the front . The rear operates perfect every time, but the front sometimes needs a little help . Opposite thing for the step cover, which will “chop your legs off” if activated by mistake. Thankfully, the dump valves came with old fashioned manual powered Dupree versions. When those cantankerous and always sticking dump valves were replaced with Valterras, I was tempted to go with their electric models. Their manual ones work perfect so am very glad I didn’t! BTW, highly recommend making that swap out.

That’s a nice waste tank level system Andy has and I really like how his floor turned out! One of these years I’m gonna have to drive the 4K miles to see what this “little” east coast PM get together is all about .
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