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Default Generator compartment

Today I tackled the generator compartment. I have a supply of sound profing material from Stephen, and a scraper. THe generator draw was removed to service the generator, so it seemed like a good idea to take advantage of the access.

Once I stuck my head and body into the compartment, I noticed that the AC connection from the breaker box to the gennie control box was exposed. The conduit had pulled out of the connector leaving a few inches of space where the conductors were exposed. Moving the tray in and out would eventually result is damaging the insulation and causing a short. I thought about just pushing the conduit back into the connector, but it would have forced extra cable into the breaker panel. Somehow I think it was not done right in the first place. So I purchased new conduit and replaced the old. It should last another 30 years

I also replaced a lot of the insulating covers for the other wireing between the coach and the gennie tray. It had worn thin or completely disentegrated on a lot of places.

I then commenced scraping the old glue and other junk from the surfaces. This is a thankless and messy job. I included some pics of the first scraping results, tomorrow I will try to clean it up a bit. I have an idea for suporting the sound profing material on the top to keep it from falling down over the years, but I will reveal that plan tomorrow
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