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Default Silverleaf VMSpc Screen Cloning

Silverleaf VMSpc Screen Cloning

To maximize the usefulness of the VMSpc Silverleaf I have a 7" inch touch screen monitor mounted on the top center of the dash the laptop is in front of the passenger seat, It is almost perfect, A slight glance and I have more Inf. than I really need. Very COOL! When I first installed it. It mirrored the laptop, but after several days use it stopped doing this and went to expanded screen mode.

I liked the fact that the laptop and the 7" were in sync. I ran the VMSpc and Streets and Trips on one screen and have both programs running at the same time. It’s set up as follows, click maximized on either program for a full screen view or click minimize on either program and 1/3 of the scene on the left has all the vital engine and speed gauges and the right 2/3 of the screen has the GPS and route tracking. It is set on rotate to coincided with the direction I’m driving, very easy to follow when your driving. Very good set up, and in clone mode the CO-pilot & passengers have the same Inf. As the driver. One draw back is if your CO-pilot has a tendency to help in anything other than directions it’s hard to hide how fast your going.

As an expanded desktop it isn’t good for the passengers to view or help navigate and it will not run Streets and trips independently in the expanded screen mode, if I try to open it independently to each screen it will not function. It won’t find the com. port for the GPS puck

I have been using it this way for several months now. Today I decided to fix this problem.

Well after a search for a solution and finding a lot of B.S. mostly gamer, graphic art, and presentation software and video card stuff that wasn’t applicable to my problem or budget, I ran across a three sentence explanation on how to do this. It’s simple, and it works perfectly.

Here is how to Clone or Mirror the two monitors.

Fn + F8 (CRT/LCD) functions

On the F8 key, you will notice a blue CRT/LCD marking. By holding down the blue Fn key at the bottom left of the keyboard and pressing F8, you can change to which screen to send the output. Each time you hold Fn and press F8, you cycle through the options in the Output To list.

The first cycle on my laptop remains as is. The second cycle moves the desktop to the second monitor and the first monitor goes blank. The third cycling of the CRT/LCD key both monitors function in clone mode the are the mirror image of each other and they are both fully functional. The touch screen works by touching or using the touch pad on the laptop or with a mouse. The laptop is also fully functional.

Two other notes on the VMSpc: It would sometime freeze up when I would maximize the Streets and Trips screen then return to the VMSpc program. I would have to restart the VMSpc program. The fix for this is on the VMSpc toolbar.

Click on ADVANCED when the window opens click on the box marked AutoRestart then click OK. The program will run flawlessly no matter what you open on top of it. When you go back to it. It will be running.

The second and I think very important is that the powers to be at Silverleaf have finally added the 470HP version of the Series 60 engine paramiters to the list of engine types. It will be interesting to see the diffrence in data from the old recommended 500HP setting.

You can find the new programe here.

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