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Originally Posted by Somervillebus View Post
I been putting off removing the clear mask on the front of my coach ... it needs to go here I go. If you are contemplating doing the same, don't be deceived in thinking your going to peel up a corner and just pull it off, not after 10 years in the sun your not. that would be to easy.

Anyway here's a couple of pictures I took along the way that may help, maybe someone has a better idea. I took about an hour and 1/2 to remove the center section. It certainly beats taking it to a body shop where most would look at it and say "that needs to be repainted" $$$$$$.

If the mask pulls the paint off with it, which is certainly a possibility, than a repaint will be in your future. So consider that before starting

BTW: anybody have a good source for a good heavy mask. I have one I got off ebay pretty cheap but it looks too thin for me. 3M has some good mask, any other sources would be appreciated.

OH yea, and by the way ... take it slow removing it, you wont have a choice.
Looks great Slim! I know you were probably sweating it the whole time worrying if the paint would either come off or be damaged. Good job!!!

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