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After traveling over about 3000 miles of roads in Canada and Alaska, some of which most WOG members probably wouldn't put their birds near, I have the following comments. We had two long Buses 43 ft. and two "short buses" M380 (Nancy and I ride the short bus). All seemed to handle the bad roads as well or better than anything we saw on the trip. Except for the 8 axle semi that blew by my Jeep on the gravel road to the artic circle. Comparisons between the short and tag axle buses (from my perspective - others might be different) were that:
1. washboard roads -- both were bad with maybe the big bus being better because of greater weight.

2. pot holes -- the same as washboard

3. whoop de doos (1 to 2 foot high frost heaves anywhere from 10 to 20 feet between -- M 380 takes these much better because of the IFS and lack of tag.

With that being said, If your M 380 front end is very stiff even with the shocks not installed, there is something stuck or binding. Unfortunately, there is nothing that affects the vertical travel of the front suspension that can be lubricated. Lubrication points are only in joints that steer the wheels not in the vertical travel joints i.e. A arms and ball joints.

I would suggest supporting the chassis high enough to get the front wheels off the ground, removing at least one front tire, and trying to raise the A arm with a jack (with no air pressure on the air bag). It should move thru 4 to 6 inches of vertical travel with no binding. A 1 to 2 ton roll around car jack should be sufficent.
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