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Exclamation El Dash Inverter replacement on a 90SP

Just to wanted to provide experimenters with a little update. Wiring in additional inverters to emulate the factory wiring was not a success. I followed the process described in my previous post. First I wired in an additional inverter at position 4, energized the circuit and went back to having no EL at all. Disconnected from 4 and moved to position 2. Energized the circuit and had EL again but no better results than with one inverter. After about a minute a hasty disconnection of the circuit was necessary as the expensive magic blue smoke began to escape from inverter #1. Did manage to catch it quick. Went back to one and all was stable again. Something I have noted through the process. I am not getting a good full 120 voltage read off the inverter under load. I am reading in the range of 80 volts before and after the improvised hypot smoke test. I have done an additional 1 hour "burn in" ( I really have to do something about these puns)and all appears stable. A EEE friend of mine described a method we could use to test the individual panels as well as a method to do a controlled load test on the inverters themselves. In the mean time I am sure a little bit of something is better than all of nothing.
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