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Originally Posted by mralarm View Post
I have 132 Miles on my Factory rebuilt CAT 3208T. I cant remember what Oil was put in the engine. I was told but forgot its maybe a quart low now and maybe always was but I could use a recommendation for the Best oil for the engine. I recalled a brand with a C or S but Forums indicate Rotella 40.
The Bus is in warm climate California so maybe 30 weight? Right now the oil in the engine is crystal clear.
I would call the shop that installed the engine and put in the same stuff they did.
I know there’s some break in oils out there with high amounts of ZDDP. Probably best to talk to the engine rebuilder and see what they recommend, that thing is brand new. For the long run Rotella or Delo pretty close. You can read for years what people’s opinions are on oil. Do a internet search.
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