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Default New Forum request

WOG Moderators,

How about adding a new Forum or modifying the existing Blue Bird Model Search and History Forum on the Home Page so that WOG members could have a dedicated place for posting information they have such as Blue Bird brochures, pictures, historical prices, options lists, Blue Bird magazine advertisements, Blue Bird history, trivia, etc.

In other words a place for all things related to Blue Bird history that any Forum member would like to share.

The Blue Bird Model Search and History link to "Vintage Birds" is great, but it seems like the link could be moved so that it's within the Forum rather than being the only thing in the Forum.

Something like this:

Blue Bird Models and Blue Bird History
Here's where you can find information related to Blue Bird history. If you have Historical information such as brochures, pictures, advertisements, etc. this is the place to upload them.

Then we could have a sticky within the Blue Bird Models and History Forum for the "Vintage Birds" link:

"Vintage Birds" Blue Bird Model Search and History
Here is an excellent web site managed by the "Vintage Birds" that will give a complete history of the Blue Bird Wanderlodge, models that were built throughout then years. This is an excellent tool if you are researching before purchasing a Wanderlodge, or BMC.

Below that members could start uploading historical information that they would like to share such as the original brochure for their coach, etc.
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