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Default Having some electrical issues on my 01 LX

First, I am pretty sure that I have a ground issue somewhere. FIiguring out where to check is where I need some help. Here are the symptoms right now:

1. Sometimes I get a series of clicks and corresponding with the clicks thelights on the dash come on and off. The clicks and lights flashing come and go at random. Clicks are coming from under the dash and likely in the center but I haven't been able to isolate it further.

2. The turn signals and running lights are on full time. When the clicks happen, they flicker at the same time as the clicks.

3. The front step has stopped working.

4. The leveling system thinks it is working but its like it doesnt have enough power to do the job.

There are probably other symptoms I haven't found yet. I am in Pensacola right now if anyone knows someone that can take a look or I will take it as far as I can on my own

Any suggestions on where to start?
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