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Originally Posted by giderich View Post
Bill, 'The Heckman' showing his riggin' to Mr. Woody.

This was at Maxton, NC back in fall of 2009.
Boy I've come a long way from then. Here's one for the book of Heckman.

Do it right the first time. The hydralift is worth the money.

KC the trailer is a flat bed utility not likely to be seen behind the MH.

You know that hang man's lift was not a very good idea but it did work. I remember clearly Woody looking at it and I know he thought I was one real NUT CASE but you know what he said? He said "well at least he's trying to build something" You can't imagine how much I appreciated that. I was and have been trying ever since. Give me an E for effort and an F for friends who help me when my best efforts are just a E. Thanks Woody and Shane and all the rest of ya. Miss you.

Keep in mind that apparently nothing is ever forgotten on the WOG and the good stuff probably has pictures taken.

If nothing else the Heck Man is good for a bit of entertainment. We all have our part to play. Just happy to be a part of the WOG.

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