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I need to take issue with what you say. I don't know a thing about the 450 other than I have seen them as shows etc. I don't know a lot about M380s. I have had one for 5 years and have driven it 58K with very few issues after the first 4 or 5 months. Those issues were addressed without any hesitation of questions by the factory.

The coach is an absolute pleasure to drive. I have driven 450 or 500 miles in a day and then go out for dinner. I am not saying I was not tired but I was certainly not as tired as having driven my 82FCRB all day.

The "issues" that people keep alluding to are many time caused by people not understanding the coach. Like with any computerized piece of equipment you must operate them using methodical steps or the equipment won't work. I know that a lot of my initial problems were MY fault and not the fault of the coach.

I think many of the problem with some of the new owners is that they did not give themselves time to get up to speed on operating the M380 before giving up and then bad mouthing the coach.

Just my two cents.
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