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Victor I apologize for taking so long on coming back and helping you. But what I am going to say may help a lot of others.

Two things. First the control box that I built will work in any coach with the Kohler/Perkins setup. I simplified things by using all relays instead of some of the crazy stuff that someone designed into the contol box you show and very much like the one in my previous 1982 FC35.

Secondly for those that are having problems with the generator blowing fuses etc and not being able to restart. ALWAY and I say ALWAYS shut off all electrical devices BEFORE you shut down the generator. If you have the battery charger running...shut it down. Ditto for the TV, coffee maker, vacuum cleaner, hair dryer ANYTHING that uses electricity and just to make sure I then switch to shore power before shutting the generator off. If you dont do this religiously one of these times you will blow the rectifiers or worse. That big collapsing electrical field may play **** with anything connected to it.
There is a substiture control box you can buy that will work with the perkins generator and someone else on the forum bought one if my memory has not been toasted
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