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Originally Posted by BeeBee View Post
We've finally wrapped things up and today's the day when we start our first big trip in our new Bird!

We are both so excited that we can't sleep so we decided, why lay in bed?
Let's get up and get going!

Heading to Orlando, for a final appt at Josams, and spending the night there at the Bill Frederick Park at Turkey Lake. (only seemed approperiate ) Next night is Jekyl Island, GA, then Charleston, SC, then Four Paws Kingdom, NC (a treat for our hounds) and then onwards up the Appalachians. Will take pics of the fall color and keep a blog for those who want to follow us.

Thank you everyone since the beginning for all your help.

We are doing it!
Jennifer & Darrell:

Have a blast, and good luck on your "first big trip" in your LXi.

It sounds like you have everything planned out well. Boy ! you two sound like you where sure "excited" and starting that time of the day is probably a good idea anyway because of not sleeping because of excitement.

Happy travelling, and safe trip. Keep us informed. (p.s. "everyone loves pictures")
A.W.(Art) Moore
Mount Hope, ON Canada

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