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Originally Posted by Lee Davis View Post

Let me know the cost of the 18 inch versions of the bright white LED replacements if you don't mind.

I actually did that kind of replacement about 1-2 years ago in the two Thinlites under the sink and over the dining table (I have 18 overall but those two are used a lot when dry camping) and the LED's only lasted about 30 days. Replacements weren't any better so I went back to the original fluorescent bulbs.

I understand yours and the newer LEDs are supposedly a lot better but I am still a little leery of going through that again without some history of longer life.

So it's a little like "been there, done that" and I'm not sure i want to do it again. I replaced one Thinlite ballast about a year ago and other than that I've had no problems with the fluorescent fixtures except bulbs are a little expensive.

As I recall the LEDs don't need a ballast so if I was going to do it now would be the time to try again. So.... my request for the LED cost as ballasts are about $25.
Yup.. those are common issues with the cheap stuff. They push the LEDs too far, don't properly regulate for a wide range of voltages and spikes, and the color will not match when you re-order due to a lack of consistant parts used and/or quality control. Their main objective is to copy, mass produce, and under bid quality built products.

Neutek products have been tried & tested. They come with lifetime warranties, and the lights this year will match last years. Also, there is only a small difference in LED costs and labor vs ballast replacements but the power draw and heat given off is night and day. These LEDs do not require your ballast to work, I'll send you an installation guide & pricing to your email address.
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