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Originally Posted by Bob Griesel View Post
Got the coach back yesterday. $7500 to replace the head and head gasket. Seems to start better, no noticeable difference in power.

The tech said again that the head bolts were too loose when he removed the head. Cummins included the loose bolt comment on the service order. They think the first gasket replacement was probably done by an apprentice and never checked.

Ran the coach about 300 miles today. No major issues, but the A/C compressor clutch does not work now. This after giving the shop an extra day to double check everything.

So, loose head bolts on the first gasket repair, a failed and leaking fuel pump replacement on the second repair, and no A/C on the third. Cummins has a perfect record: Zero for three!

Hard to find good help these days !!!
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